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Loadrite Scales

Trimble Weighing Solutions

Trimble LOADRITE products can help you increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and get control of your inventory.For a full list of Weighing and Reporting Solutions, please visit the Trimble LOADRITE website www.loadritescales.com

Loadrite - Weighing System for Wheel Loaders

By using multiple-point triggering, speed compensation and dual pressure measurement the L2150 offers high level weighing accuracy regardless of lift speed and loader movement so that your trucks will be loaded to the right weight first time.

X-Series - Weighing System for Excavators

Designed and engineered specifically for bucket excavators, Trimble LOADRITE™ X-Series™ excavator scales use proprietary Multi-Dimensional Compensation (MDC)™ weighing technology to achieve accurate weighing performance with no disruption to the operation of the excavator, over a wide range of operating conditions.

C-Series - Weighing System for Conveyor Belts

The C-Series gives plant operators and managers a range of powerful tools to measure the actual production from screens and crushers, track final product stockpiles, analyse plant and machine downtime, and monitor load out of trucks, port and rail.

L2180 Reach Stacker Scales

LOADRITE reach stacker systems provide repeatable accuracy on reach stacker machines, removing the need to interrupt workflow. The L2180 will even compensate for variances caused by inexperienced operators or weighing on rough ground to achieve +/-1% margin of error.

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