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Trimble UAS

Trimble prides itself on being a leader in innovation. By setting new industry standards to improve our users’ efficiencies and deliverables, we are proud to provide even more breadth and depth to our portfolio by offering the first, and only, complete aerial imaging solution specifically designed for surveyors and geospatial professionals.



High Performance Trimble GNSS receiver with PPK technology

36 MP, full-frame, high resolution camera

Orthomosaics resolution down to 1 cm & 3D models with up to 1,000 pts/m2

Survey quality accuracy without ground control

Fully automated Trimble Access workflows for ease of -use and safe operation

Simple data processing with Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module

Advanced data processing with Trimble Inpho UASMaster



Vertical takeoff and landing for work in tight places and obstructed environments

Everything you need to capture high quality georeferenced photos for applications such as aerial mapping and inspections

24 MP camera

Light, compact,foldable carbon design

Up to 20 minutes of flight time

Can be equipped to capture live video imagery for inspection application

Easy data processing in Trimble Business Center Photogrammetry Module or Trimble UASMaster

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