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Trimble Stratus

Trimble Stratus helps construction and resource operations map, measure, and manage their worksites and assets. Deep insights into your site’s progress, productivity, and quality are unlocked, allowing you to make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes, and grow profits.

Trimble Stratus for Construction


Survey your own site easily and more frequently with Trimble Status. Leverage quick access to real-time progress and productivity tracking so you can answer questions like “how much have I done?” and “when will I finish?”. Regularly compare what’s on the ground against the design and avoid costly rework. Get answers to questions yourself with an intuitive, web-based tool anyone on your worksite or in the head office can use.

Trimble Stratus for Aggregates


Conduct detailed site surveys as often as you want without needing to pause operations. Trimble Stratus provides real-time insights on progress so you can accurately plan and track material production—you’ll better understand things like how much you have extracted, current overburden capacity, and how much material your next blast will yield. Recognize trends and optimize productivity when you have data-driven answers to things like rates of extraction, haul-road design, and remaining pit volume. Know exactly where your stock is so you can tailor production to customer demand, reduce write-offs, and increase net profits. With Trimble Stratus, you’ll be able to provide accurate, up-to-date information to quarry managers, project stakeholders, and contractors.

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