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2D Machine control


2D Machine Control gives you precise vertical guidance necessary to achieve tight tolerances and a smooth finished grade.

Laser, laser receivers and slope sensors are used to measure the lift, tilt and slope of the blade and ensures 3-5 mm vertical accuracies. An in-cab Trimble CB450 or CB460 Control Box provides elevation and slope guidance, so you can more accurately and quickly get to grade. Trimble 2D Grade Control can easily be upgraded to a 3D Grade Control System.

Key System Features

  • CB450 or CB460 full color graphical control box
  • Lift and tilt automatic blade control for controlling both the elevation and slope of the blade
  • Linked mode operation which ties the lift and tilt functions together for greater speed and accuracy
  • On-machine components are portable and can be used on other machine types
  • On-machine components are modular and can be added or removed depending upon application
  • 3-5 mm vertical accuracies
  • Systems are easily upgradeable to 3D


Housing and building site pads, road maintenance, ditches, commercial building sites and sports fields.


Single Elevation plus Cross Slope

Single Control System uses a laser or sonic receiver to control the lift of the machine blade for flat, slopework and finished grading

Dual Elevation

Dual control system that uses two laser or sonic receivers for higher accuracy lift control. Blade edge can be controlled independently or linked

Components for 2D GCS900 Dozer


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