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Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System

The Trimble® PCS400 Paving Control System is an easy-to-use 2D paving system with the most accurate sensors in the business. The system employs superior Trimble sensor technology which helps it reduce asphalt usage by paving closer to the minimal required paving thickness. A smoother mat is achieved using the superior averaging capability of the sonic tracers and averaging beam. The Trimble PCS400 is used in production paving applications – highways, state roads, airports, large commercial surfaces.

Using the Trimble PCS400 system paving contractors can:

1. Achieve smoothness and accuracy up to the finish surface via the averaging beam capability. Trimble’s sonic averaging beam technology can lay the finish at an accuracy of 3.3 millimeters (1/100 foot) to meet even the tightest of smoothness specifications.
2. Minimize use of expensive material through better accuracy of the Trimble ST200 Sonic Tracer. The ST200 allows paving to a tighter tolerance and saves money by minimizing the use of expensive material.
3. Reduce training time and operator mistakes through an advanced controller and simpler operation. The PCS400 has the most user-friendly interface in the industry. The large display has an easy-to-understand layout for measuring cross slope and height of material.
4. Pave slopes accurately and consistently. The PCS400 handles 0.5% slopes accurately and consistently.
5. Earn bonuses for rideability, a measure of smoothness – Get the job done faster and with excellent smoothness results, meaning greater bonuses.


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